Bio of  Steve Johnston

Dr. Steve Johnston has a doctors degree in law from Western State University of Law and a graduate of Calvary Chapel seminary. He is an author of, "When is judgment day?" "Tea Party Culture War" and recently published,  "Darwin is dead and Jesus is alive". 

Darwin is Dead and Jesus is Alive, challenges the neo-Darwinism theory on its own turf--with knowledge and the principles of science.  While religious skeptics claim to stand on fact and science, Dr. Steve Johnston uses science to show Darwinian evolution is a religion and is disproved by science.

Dr. is a student of the Austrian school of economics and had the privilege of personally meeting Professor Ludwig von Mises. He has over forty year experience in the areas of economics, law and business. He also has taught the Bible in orphanages, prisons, gospel missions and churches. He is currently a volunteer chaplain at Pelican Bay Prison, a maximum security California state prison. 

Dr. Johnston and his wife of forty-three years live in Oregon and in Palm Desert, California surrounded by a personal library of more than five thousand books, including a full one thousand books on the topics of microbiology, physics, and astronomy.

The couple have one daughter and two grandchildren. 


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