Susan Rice Scandal Rocks Obama Legacy

The Susan Rice unmasking scandal may be the nail on the coffin of President Obama's legacy. National Security agency spying on presidential candidate Donald Trump is as scandalous as the break in of the DNC headquarters in the Watergate office tower. Nixon attempted to spy on DNC during a presidential election. President Obama spied on Donald Trump during a presidential election.

In June of 2016, during a presidential election, the Obama Justice Department submitted an application for a surveillance warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Donald Trump was named in the application. The FISA court denied the application. The Obama Justice Department went back to the FISA court in October, a month before the election, and submitted a narrow application that did not mention Trump. This application was granted and the NSA surveilled Donald Trump.

Normally when government officials receive intelligence surveillance reports, the names of American citizens are redacted to protect their privacy. News reports now confirm Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice made repeated requests to "unmask" the names of American citizens tied to Donald Trump. This information was subsequently disseminated throughout the Justice and State Departments and leaked to the media. The dissemination of unmasked names of American citizens is a felony. Senator Rand Paul wants Susan Rice to testify before Congress under oath.

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