Dr. Johnston's Rebuttal, Science v. Censorship

The following is Dr. Johnston rebuttal to Don Sherman's editorial in the March 7, Curry Coastal Pilot.

Mr. Sherman's letter published in the Pilot on Feb. 23, stated intelligent design is not science. This is circular reasoning. His conclusion is a repetition of his false premise. Darwin's "theory" that the "fittest" survive through natural selection is a tautology. Who are the "fittest?" Those who survive.

Materialistic evolution is based upon the metaphysical belief the immaterial does not exist. Defining "science" to exclude everything one doesn't like is censorship. Louis Pasteur proved the scientific law that life only arises from living matter. Modern molecular biology has established that living cells are material and energy shaped by design information.

Sir Frederick Hoyle estimated the odds that all the functional proteins necessary for life might form in just one place by random events were 1 chance in 10 to the 40,000th power. Carl Sagan, Francis Crick and Harold Markowitz estimated the difficulty of evolving a human by chance alone as 10 to the 2 billionth power.

Stephen Meyer, who holds a PhD in the history of science from Cambridge, states few serious researches in microbiology still hold the origin-of-life by chance theory. Evolution is metaphysical and should be taught in a philosophy class.

Dr. Steve Johnston

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