Dr. Johnston's rebuttal to Dr. Michel Sommer

Dr. Michel Sommer wrote a September 1 editorial in the Coastal Pilot and stated he believe Dr. Johnston's August 19th Editorial about the Illuminati was anti-Semitic. This is a September 2 rebuttal in the Curry Costal Pilot in response to Dr. Sommer by Dr. Johnston.

I am anti Lucifer

Dr. Michael Sommer said my letter to the editor (Pilot, Aug. 19) on the Illuminati was anti-Semitic. He alleged Hitler and I blamed everything on the Jews.

As far as I know Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rhodes, Mick Jagger and David Bowie are not Jewish. I agree with Mark Levin, who is Jewish, that Rhodes, Ruskin, Proudhon, and Marx, were all followers of the philosophy of Plato, and believed in a Utopia with a ruling class of elites. The Rockefellers openly promote a one-world government and donated 16 acres in New York for the U.N. building.

I am a proponent of Israelology, or the belief Biblical prophecy cannot be understood without acceptance of God's unconditional covenants with Abraham, and his descendants. Jesus will return when Israel calls for their Messiah at Armageddon (Hosea 5:15).

The Apostle John, who was Jewish, declared in Revelation 13, that in the end times much of the world would worship Satan and the Antichrist. Anyone who doesn't take the mark of the beast can't buy or sell. Jesus, was Jewish, in the line of David, (I Chronicles 17:11-15).

The Anti-Christ will not be Jewish but an Assyrian (Isaiah 14:5). Those in the Illuminati have sold their souls to the devil. Abraham is the father of those who reject Lucifer and have faith in God. The Apostle Paul, a Jew, wrote in Romans 11, that Gentile Christians are grafted into the olive tree by the "root" or the promises to Abraham, that salvation is by faith and not works.

The Lucis (or Lucifer) Trust is the Publishing House which prints UN material. It is a weird convergence of New Age mysticism, atheism, socialism, Luciferian occultism, apostate Christianity, and other world religions.

I am not anti-Semitic, my stepfather, Frank Meier, of Meier and Frank Department Store, was Jewish; I am anti-Lucifer.

Dr. Steve Johnston


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