President Trump Critic answered

President Trump critic in local newspaper editorial said Trump was incompetent, self-serving and took children from parents.

A July 14 Letter to the Editor said President Trump was incompetent and self serving. Trump bought Mar-a-Largo for $10 million. He turned it into a private club which generates $9 million a year. He gets free golf and free use of a 110,000 sq. foot home.  The White House is 55,000 sq. ft. Trump donates his $400,000 President's salary to charity. The Clintons are being investigated for receiving payment for political access.

The July 14 Letter said President Trump was destroying the environment. Hillary Clinton said she would save the polar bears and the spotted owl.  Trump said it was about the economy stupid.  He wanted work for coal miners and lumbermen. The Editorial said the Republicans are financially irresponsible.  Abortions and birth control pills dropped fertility rates per woman from 3.1 in the 1950s to 1.84 currently. Life expectancy has increased. By 2020 20.2% of the population will be 65 or older.  Social Security and Medicare have $87 trillion dollars of unfunded liability. Both political parties are responsible. 

The Editorial said President Trump is kidnapping kids from parents.  Adult aliens who file for asylum are held in custody until their court case is finished.  A Federal Circuit Court ruled children cannot be held more than 20 days.   Health and Humans Services have placed children with responsible parties in U.S. including relatives of illegal migrants. Democrats want voting rights for illegal aliens. Many Democrats also favor partial birth abortions where the brains are sucked out of defenseless babies. 

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