President Trump to reject Mueller interview?

President Trump replaced attorney Ty Cobb with Emmet Flood. A new legal teem is expected to reject Special Counsel Robert Mueller's request for an interview in regards to Russian collusion investigation, on grounds of executive privilege.

The Fake Media is obsessed with the issue of whether President Trump will be indicted for obstruction of justice or violation of any federal election laws?  However, this obsession is a nonstarter. The long-held policy of the Department of Justice is that a sitting president of the United States cannot be indicted, according to official DOJ memoranda.  Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states in cases of impeachment, judgment shall not extend further than removal from office.  Once a president has been removed from office by impeachment, he may be prosecuted for violation of any federal laws.  

Impeachment is analogous to indictment in regular court proceedings. Impeachment proceedings may be commenced by a member of the House of Representatives and only requires a simple majority to impeach.  Only two presidents have been impeached, Bill Clinton and  Andrew Johnson.  

Impeachment proceedings unfold in the form of a trial and the Senate enters judgment on its decision.  U. S. Constitution requires a majority of two thirds of the senate to convict.  And this has never happened, and is unlikely to happen in the future. Democrats would serve themselves by obsessing less on impeachment and more on making America great.     

Dr. Steve Johnston

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