Pro-Choice Infanticide Debate

Pro-choice advocates push for rights to remove care for a handicapped baby after birth and allowing it to die. Pro-life advocates call it infanticide.


Recently New York's legislative body gave a standing ovation when a bill was passed removing requirements that infants born during abortion procedures receive legal protection as persons.  Several other states are considering similar bills. The first century Jewish historian Josephus wrote that the Mosaic law forbids abortions. The Didache, a first century Christian treatise states, "Thou shall not murder a child by abortion, nor kill him when born."  

Life was either created or evolved from non-living matter by accident, there is no third choice. The law of biogenesis states life comes from life. Materialistic evolution is a non starter because it cannot explain its own existence. Without God, truth has no meaning. Reality based upon material or energy shaped by chance is statistically certain to end up in tyranny and moral decline.  Naturalism erases all transcend moral and ethical accountability and abandons all hope for humanity. Having rejected the God revealed in Scripture the modern mind has no grounds for holding to any ethical standard, no reason whatsoever for esteeming "virtue" over "vice" and no justification for regarding human life.  

Logic suggests every watch has a watchmaker. One has only to contemplate the magnitude of the task to determine that spontaneous generation of a living organism by chance is impossible. Chance is not a force. Nihilism is a belief everything is entirely without meaning, without logic or reason. Objective moral values exist only if God exists. Objective moral values exist, therefore God exists. A relativist is a sociopath, one with no conscience.  Decline in morals in the US has been caused by a change in worldview away from one based at least vaguely upon Christian values,  toward a worldview in which reality is based upon chance. Will Durant said, "There is no significant example in history of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion. The US is in moral decline, and needs to repent, or face judgment. Lord willing Amy Coney Barrett will replace Ruth Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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