Supreme Court Battle Over the Beginning

The battle over the replacement of Justice Ruth Ginsburg by Amy Coney Barret is more than just political, it is part of a "Cultural War". Ginsburg was a strident leader of the progressive wing and Barrett is expected to have an influence on the conservative wing of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Thanks to the theory of evolution, naturalism is now the dominant religion of modern society. Naturalism is the view every law and every force operating in the universe is natural rather than moral, spiritual, or supernatural. Naturalism rejects the concept of a personal God. Today's "Culture War" is a war of competing worldviews. On one side, you have people who believe in living by a set of divinely inspired moral absolutes. On the other side you have people who reject moral absolutes. The modern mind has no grounds for holding any ethical standard or reason for esteeming "virtue" over "vice".

If Adam was not the ancestor of the entire human race, then the Bible's explanation of how sin entered the world makes no sense. Not even the mainstream church seems to be willing to affirm the literal truth of the biblical creation account. The Roman Catholic Church has long accepted or at least not objected to the evolutionary theory.  However, a minority of 30% of Catholics still believe humans existed in present form since the beginning.

In 1987 in Edwards v. Aguillard the United States Supreme Court ruled 9 to 2 that a Louisiana law requiring public schools to teach both evolutionary science and creation science violated the Establishment Clause. Justice Scalia and Justice Rehnquist dissented. The dissent said there were two scientific explanations for the beginning of life, evolution and creation. They opposed the censorship of creation science as harmful to freedom of thought. If Amy Coney Barret is seated on the U.S. Supreme Court she will join conservative Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and John Roberts, who may agree with the dissent in Edwards v. Aguillard.  

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