The Big Green agenda is about power not climate change

While many environmentalists may care about ecology issues many of the elites behind the scene know apocalyptic scenarios from climate change are vastly exaggerated. The Big Green agenda is primarily about power and the promotion of Marxism and a one world government.

CO2 comprises a tiny component of the earth's atmosphere, just .038 percent. Humanity contributes only 3 percent of the annual global emissions of CO2. 95 percent of green-house gases are composed of invisible water vapor (not that portion visible in clouds), and water vapor is something humanity cannot possibly reduce. Water vapor is far and away the most significant gas that effects global temperature.  

Increase in global temperature is caused by variations in levels of solar radiation, variations in cloud cover, and variations in the earth's orbital position.  Global temperature controls the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, not the other way around. The warming of the surface layers of the oceans cause water to release CO2 into the atmosphere. When ocean temperatures rise, the warm water releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Subsequent to the Little Ice Age (circa 1850) the earth has gradually warned by about 1.3F in 150 years.  Also during this period, the sea level rose by approximately twelve inches as ocean water gradually expand due to warming. This is well within the normal historical range and has caused no serious problems because man can adapt to gradual changes in sea level. However, since 1998 the earth has been gradually cooling, losing most of the temperature gains from earlier in the century. 

Operating through respectable-appearing front groups, (such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the UN) one world progressives use the Big Green agenda to destroy private rights, constitutional restraints, and promote collectivist ideology. . 

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