Who Are The Brains Behind Joe Biden?

With some difficulty Former Vice-President Joe Biden has been reading policy statements for public release. Who have been writing these policy statements? Is Biden a moderate?
Does he support the Green New Deal?

A new poll found 40% of registered voters believe 77 year old Joe Biden has "some form of dementia," or reduced thinking ability. In 1988 Biden had two brain surgeries to repair brain aneurysms. Videos taken in 2015 compared to 2020 show a significant decline in mental ability. Former Vice-President Biden has been successful in the polls due to his name recognition and the marketing of him as a moderate. 

Saikat Chakrabarti, co-founder of Justice Democrats, with Cenk Uygur,, was chief of staff of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Congressional race, and was a major architect of her "Green New Deal". In 2019 Chakrabarti became a policy consultant for Senator Berne Sanders presidential campaign. Senator Sanders dropped out of the presidential race and agreed to support Joe Biden, on the condition Biden accepted the far-left agenda of Chakrabarti and other members of the Justice Democrats. Saikat Chakrabarti, Cenk Uygur, Kyle Kolinsky, and Zack Exley, as members of the Justice Democrats, have been working "behind the curtain," and have successfully engineered a takeover of the Democratic Party. They are the brains behind AOC, the "Squad", and Joe Biden. 

The Justice Democrats are neo-Marxists who use identity politics to divide society. Instead of focusing on the divide between rich and poor, they divide Americans into groups of white, black, male, female, gay and lesbian. Neo-Marxist argue that all white men are racist and they oppress blacks, women and gays. This is a non starter, because it is a racists statement. Marx, Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger, (founder of Planned Parenthood), were racists who believed blacks were less evolved animals. The Republican party was founded by Abraham Lincoln to free slaves, because they were created by God with inalienable rights. In Judo-Christian America, one finds equality before God and the law, but not government-forced economic equality.  Socialism violates the commandment not to steal, and takes from producers and gives to the slothful.  Without the ruder of an free economy, socialism is doomed to failure.  The brains behind Joe Biden are neo-Marxists who want to destroy America.


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