Who won the first presidential debate?

Vice-President Biden brought a knife to a gun fight. Everyone was playing checkers but President Trump was playing three dimensional chess.

President Trump did not try to win the debate.  He did not try to be Presidential. He ignored the moderator Chris Wallace. He did not stand back and wait his turn. He did not try to win the undecided. He did what he always does.  He comes up with a strategy and then broke all the rules and drove the narrative.

Joe Biden was well prepared and did an excellent job for a 78 year old man with cognitive issues. However, President Trump hunted him down and boxed him in.  Biden was forced to say whether he accepted Bernie Sanders and AOC's Green New Deal or whether he supported the a blue collar moderate side of the Democrat Party. Did Biden support law and order or did he accept the Black Lives Matters narrative? 

Biden answered by saying he rejected the Green New Deal, which means he lost the left wing of the Democrat Party. Bidden accepted the racial bias alleged by BLM. He said Antifa was not organized, and lost the more conservative law and order wing of the Democrat Party. Like a general at war President Trump's goal was to divide and conquer. He wanted Biden to commit publicly to one side or the other of the Democrat Party.  Either the New Left socialists wing or the moderate union blue collar wing. Biden actually ended up opposing both sides in the end.  He said he opposed the Green New Deal and Bernie Sanders, and yet he talked about global warming and electric cars.  He talked about racism, but was opposed to de-funding the police. He wanted the police to bring social workers with them.  He could not name one police union that endorsed him. Biden won the debate, but lost the war. He has no idea what just happened.  There was method in President Trump's madness, he pinned Biden down to a position.

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