Why are the 2020 Political Polls Wrong?

Presidential election polls are expensive and media companies which pay for the polls have a strong bias against President Trump and often pay for polls with desired pre-determined outcomes. Polling companies are dominated by universities and staff demonstrably pro Democrat Party.

In college universities Democrat professors out number republicans by a 9 to 1 ratio. In media journalism only 7% identify themselves as Republicans. Six corporations, GE, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and News-Corp. control 90% of the new media in America. 

The latest CNN 2020 election poll over sampled Democrats by 8% to get a specific desired result. Biden starts off with an 8% advantage before any counting is done. The media manipulates the polls in order to discourage Trump supporters. When you take away a Democrat +8% over sampling, suddenly Joe Biden is trailing Trump by 3% nationally.  The Media Research Center reported the mainstream media has slanted their evening news broadcasts to report on Trump unfavorably 95% of the time. 

National popular vote is not as important as the electoral map. In the swing states, if you remove an 8% over counting of Democrat vote in most polls, Trump is up 7%. The mainstream media claims the Rasmussen polls are an outlier. However, the Rasmussen poll was the most accurate in 2016. No other pollster tracked by Real Clear Politics came as close to the final results as Rasmussen.  The reason Real Clear Politics average is so far off in favor of Biden is because it combines overweighed polls by Main Stream Media, which have a bias. Recent polling shows President Trump has a 35-40 percent approval rating among Latinos and a 20-30 percent among African Americans. If those polls are accurate. Joe Biden could lose the popular vote as well as the key swing states by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton. Absent a good deal of post-election "help" from harvested mail-in ballots, Biden's chances do not look good. 

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