Why super rich promote socialism?

Socialism is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but is often a movement of the economic elite who want power and monopolist capitalism or despotism.

The goal of socialism is power. Socialism is often financed by the elite. The Clintons say they are for the poor but as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gained control of millions in the Clinton Foundation by selling her position. Lenin and Stalin took from the bourgeoisie but they drove big cars and lived in big houses. The Rockefellers, Fords, Kennedys, Buffet, and Clintons talk about taxing the bourgeoisie, but they hide their money in tax free trusts. Many studies have revealed that conservatives give a greater portion of their annual income than liberals. Michael Moore and Al Gore talk about how bad the rich are, but few are more obsessed with making money than they are.

Billionaire George Soros sees capitalism as an evil, and yet he never seems to get enough money or capital. Humanist do not believe in religion or private property. However, many elite Marxist believe in Plato's Republic with no private property, no marriage, but a ruling elite.

Donald Trump does not seem to follow Christ's teaching that the meek will inherit the earth. But he does believe in the rule of law and jobs for the poor rather than government handouts. Wall Street banks have given Hillary Clinton money because they believe she will allow the too big to fail banks to continue to gamble with government insured banking deposits. Trump has not taken money from Wall Street, and promises to drain the swamp of political corruption.

Hillary Clinton did not conduct government business on her private server because it was more convenient. She did it to hide her pay for play corruption. Anthony Weiner had access to Clinton's emails and received classified information after he left the Senate without security clearance. Hillary violated the Espionage Act. Rejection of the God of creation with absolutes and the acceptance of reality based upon chance, inevitably leads to tyranny.

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