In 2018, President trump could replace as many as five of the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and change the direction of the Fed.

This editorial was posted June 14th in the Curry Costal Pilot, Brookings, Oregon. It is a rebuttal to Michael Mann's editorial posted June 10th in the Curry Costal Pilot.
The following is a June 10th editorial posted by Dr. Michael Mann in the Curry Costal Pilot, Brookings, Oregon. It was an answer to Dr. Steve Johnston's editorial dated June 7.
The following is an editorial posted June 7, 2017 in the Curry County Pilot letters to the editor, Brookings, Oregon. Scientific data does not support the conclusion that the 1990s are the warmest decade ever, or the burning of fossil fuels threatens civilization.
Oregon has endorsed the theory of evolution and spontaneous generation. Science classrooms are forbidden to mention God as the creator. A man who rejects belief in God will believe in anything and do anything. In Oregon families can grow pot in their backyard.
The Susan Rice unmasking scandal may be the nail on the coffin of President Obama's legacy. National Security Agency spying on presidential candidate Donald Trump is as scandalous as the break in of the DNC headquarters in the Watergate office tower.

Left wing DNC candidate Keith Ellison loses to big business supported establishment candidate Tim Perez as chairman of the Democratic Nation Convention (DNC).
In the last four years much of North American experienced a drought. During President Trump's inauguration speech the rain started.
Many believe President trump is an extremist. He is dangerous and he must be stopped!
President Trump's travel ban is a temporary ban on travel from seven danger zones. It will most likely die during court litigation.

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