With some difficulty Former Vice-President Joe Biden has been reading policy statements for public release. Who have been writing these policy statements? Is Biden a moderate?
Does he support the Green New Deal?
The fake media, the elite, and Dr. Anthony Fauci are using COVID-19 to fundamentally transform our society. Neo-Marxists are using the Critical Theory as a crowbar to dismantle Western Culture and create a Marxist Revolution.
Black Lives Matters and Antifa are not primarily interested in police reform. Their main objective is the overthrow of the U.S. Government and the establishment of a Marxist Utopian society ruled by a politburo.
Many technical analysts look at a twenty year chart of gold during the current bull market in gold, and project gold to make a new high, exceeding the $1,917 high of August 2011.
Masks serve no useful medical purpose for healthy people. They are used to dehumanize people and prepare them for Draconian tyranny.
Flattening the curve by draconian measures does not change the number of people with weak immune systems who will die. The Federal Reserve can not print gold, they can only print fiat money.
Churches want to honor God, be good citizens, obey Romans 13, and watch out for the health of our church, family, and community. How do churches balance the right to worship and the state's right to police powers?
Progressives declare they care about humanity and capitalists only care about money. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all claim the ends justify the means and destruction of civil liberties is based upon science.
Freedom loving patriots need to protest the shut down of the American economy and the destruction of Civil Liberties. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx sit on the boards of organizations that have received billions from the Bill Gates foundation. Bill Gates is heavily invested in funding Coronavirus vaccine candidates which are in competition with less expensive chloroquine, non-patented anti-viral drugs and natural herd immunity.

Life, liberty and property are unalienable rights endowed by our Creator. The First Amendment prohibits the abridging of right of public assembly and religious expression.

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