Presidential election polls are expensive and media companies which pay for the polls have a strong bias against President Trump and often pay for polls with desired pre-determined outcomes. Polling companies are dominated by universities and staff demonstrably pro Democrat Party.
Chinese Virologist claims COVID-19 came from Chinese military lab in Wuhan. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a former research at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, posted a paper that she claims shows how SARS-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory setting in Wuhan, China.
The distorted hate-filled curriculum based upon the 1619 Project of the New York Times should be excluded from Oregon Schools. Parents of Oregon school children should fight back at attempts to shame their children about their patriotism, and family values.
August 27, Jerome Powell, at the Jackson Hole Wyoming Central Bank symposium, gave a speech titled "Monetary Policy Framework Review" which make a major shift in Fed policy in regards to inflation.
With some difficulty Former Vice-President Joe Biden has been reading policy statements for public release. Who have been writing these policy statements? Is Biden a moderate?
Does he support the Green New Deal?
The fake media, the elite, and Dr. Anthony Fauci are using COVID-19 to fundamentally transform our society. Neo-Marxists are using the Critical Theory as a crowbar to dismantle Western Culture and create a Marxist Revolution.
Black Lives Matters and Antifa are not primarily interested in police reform. Their main objective is the overthrow of the U.S. Government and the establishment of a Marxist Utopian society ruled by a politburo.
Many technical analysts look at a twenty year chart of gold during the current bull market in gold, and project gold to make a new high, exceeding the $1,917 high of August 2011.
Masks serve no useful medical purpose for healthy people. They are used to dehumanize people and prepare them for Draconian tyranny.
Flattening the curve by draconian measures does not change the number of people with weak immune systems who will die. The Federal Reserve can not print gold, they can only print fiat money.

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