Pro-choice advocates push for rights to remove care for a handicapped baby after birth and allowing it to die. Pro-life advocates call it infanticide.
The Constitution gave Congress the power to coin money, not a central bank cartel controlled by banks. In 1914 the Federal Reserve was established to create an elastic currency to promote inflation and provide liquidity.
Major causes of homelessness in Oregon are the direct result of interference of the housing market by over zealous bureaucratic land planners who intentionally restrict the supply of housing, and the soft money policies of the Federal Reserve.
Dr. Christine Ford has been employed as a director of biostatistics at Corcept Therapeutics, Inc, a $166 billion market cap company with annual sales of $216 million. The company offers just one drug, mifepristone, which is widely known as an "abortion pill" or RU-486.
Anthony Kennedy was a swing vote, who often joined liberal justices. Confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy on Supreme Court, will give conservatives a 5-4 majority.

Dr. Christine Ford has named Brett Kavanaugh as someone who attacked her sexually at a high school party, almost forty years ago. Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has been concerned with how subsequent information can affect an eyewitness's account of an event.

A strong economy is expected to help Republicans keep control of the Senate and the House in the midterm elections. However, many experts see a recession in 2019-2020. No president has been re-elected during a recession started in his first term.
This is a rebuttal to Oregon Senator's August 9 Editorial opposing the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.
This is a reprint of Senator Jeff Merkley's August 9 editorial in the Curry County Pilot opposing the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Matt kavanaugh
President Trump critic in local newspaper editorial said Trump was incompetent, self-serving and took children from parents.

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