Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michel Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kate Spade, and a growing number of school shooters all used prescription drugs.
Laws of logic stem from God's sovereign nature, they are universal, invariant, omnipresent and unchanging. Nations decline due to an increase in lawlessness, loss of economic discipline and self-restraint. The Greek, Roman, Ming, and British Empires all declined from currency debasement and moral decay.

President Trump replaced attorney Ty Cobb with Emmet Flood. A new legal teem is expected to reject Special Counsel Robert Mueller's request for an interview in regards to Russian collusion investigation, on grounds of executive privilege.
Our granddaughter is a high school student assigned to read "Grapes of Wrath", she heard it was anti-Christian and asked us how we felt as Christians. Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath" chronicles the depression era migration of a poor share cropper family, the Joads, from the dust belt in Oklahoma to California.
Below is an Easter Card to a Millennial who has been educated in a secular public school system.
The following is an editorial by Dr. Steve Johnston published in the Curry Coastal Pilot. It states science classes in public schools should not be censored by Federal Judges.
Intelligent design should be taught and students should be allowed to make up their minds based upon the evidence.
The following is Dr. Johnston rebuttal to Don Sherman's editorial in the March 7, Curry Coastal Pilot.
The following editorial appeared in the Feb 23 Coastal Pilot Letters to Editor. Don Sherman stated Dr. Johnston was incorrect. Intelligent design should not be taught in public schools because it is not science.
Parents and concerned citizens are looking for causes of increased shooting deaths in public schools. Should they look at some progressives teachers as contributors of increased violence?
Phonics allows children to sound out vocabulary words and to learn to read quickly. Progressive John Dewey introduced the sight method which teaches children to memorize words as if reading English is a hieroglyphics system. Progressive education and the "Dick and Jane" look-say program has been a disaster. It has caused widespread dyslexia, functional illiteracy, and anti-capitalism.

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