This editorial is a response to an August 17 editorial, in the local Curry Coastal Pilot newspaper, which blamed global warming on and an increase of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.
Demand for gold increases as gold replaces U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. As the Federal Reserves devalues the dollar the price of gold increases.
The Federal Reserve introduced Quantitative Easing as an emergency measure, but it is now accepted as standard procedure as recession cure.
A recent editorial in the local paper said we are the only advanced nation that does not guarantee health care for all. We jail too many people. We need to cut defense and spend more on welfare. We have to many gun deaths. We need to raise taxes. We have too many rich people, and not enough in the middle class.
Democratic presidential candidate mayor Pete Buttigieg says he is a Christian gay person. That is like saying he is a Christian adulterer or a Christian murder, it is a contradiction in terms.
Scientists have discovered the theory of evolution violates the laws of conservation of energy and entropy. Paley's argument that a watch design requires a watchmaker has proven to be correct.
On February 18, 1952, a massive storm split the SS Pendleton into two pieces about ten miles off the Massachusetts coast. More than forty sailors were trapped inside the ship's sinking stern in the midst of fierce winds and violent thirty foot waves.
Pro-choice advocates push for rights to remove care for a handicapped baby after birth and allowing it to die. Pro-life advocates call it infanticide.
The Constitution gave Congress the power to coin money, not a central bank cartel controlled by banks. In 1914 the Federal Reserve was established to create an elastic currency to promote inflation and provide liquidity.
Major causes of homelessness in Oregon are the direct result of interference of the housing market by over zealous bureaucratic land planners who intentionally restrict the supply of housing, and the soft money policies of the Federal Reserve.

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